About us

Totteridge & District Community Centre is a registered Charity in England & Wales No. 1123743.  

The community centre was created following on from the closure of the old social club of the same name which had previously operated at the site.

The community centre was formally a social centre.  Land was purchased from Walter Ernest Maunder, a property developer who built all the bungelows in the "drives" area of Totteridge, in 1950.

Over its history, the social centre has been a place for the residents of Totteridge and District to socialise in a variety of ways.  The club has had a drama group operating in the centre, as well as being used as a polling station and where inoculation's were given to children in the 80s.

History of the drama group goes back to the late 50s, in a production of "Sailor, Beware".  In 1953, the centre held a celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.   

Planning permission was submitted to Bucks County Council in 1970 for the building as it stands now.  The building was purchased from Compton Buildings LTD for a sum of £2796.40, and was finally completed in 1976.

In its more recent history up to 2007, the social club had fallen on hard times, membership dwindled and eventually the club was closed in October 2007.  

In March 2008 Wycombe District Councillors voted to grant the centre £49500 for renovation work, and a new management group was formed from the new members.  Totteridge & District Community Centre as a charity was setup to manage the centre as a community centre moving forward.  The charity aquired the land and buildings of the social club in October 2009, and reopened the building as a community centre for the residents of Totteridge in december 2009.